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March 4 - March 8

Canton, MI

Help our students and teachers to buy the books on their wishlist.

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Every purchase benefits our school!

A Wishlist from our Teachers

Come check out our Book Fair from March 4th- 8th!

Real Life's I:55 Book Fair is here!

Welcome to the I:55 Book Fair! We're so excited to be hosting a Family & Faith- Based Book Fair this year at our school! You can shop for books in person in our school and also online at With every book you purchase, our school will earn money that we can use towards purchasing books for our classrooms! Please check out the "Teacher Wish Lists" that your child's Lead Teachers and Bible Teachers have created online. You could purchase a book just for them! Lastly, please consider volunteering for this event! We have specific times and dates that we could use your help. Sign-Up Sheets will be posted at both entrances. Thank you! We're looking forward to this week-long event!