Mini Book Fairs

We created the mini book fair option to help support our smaller schools that cannot meet our $4,000 minimum book fair sale amount. With the mini fair option the minimum sale amount is $1,000.

The mini fair is just like the full in-person fair, only smaller. We send you a several copies of our best selling books, as well as novelties if requested, and you display and sell the books on the register we send, then send what doesn't sell back to us. You will also have an online portal for people to place orders on our website and have them shipped either to the school or their home.

Just like with a full book fair you earn 20% of your sales in cash or 40% in book bucks.

Why Choose I55?

Pre-Screened Content

We strive to glorify God in all we say and do...and read. Everything we send to a book fair has been pre-screened to make sure it adheres to biblical principles and values.

Family owned & Operated

To us you're more than a customer, you're family!