501 Dinosaur Joke-tivities: Riddles, Puzzles, Fun Facts, Cartoons, Tongue Twisters, and Other Giggles! by Highlights

501 Dinosaur Joke-tivities: Riddles, Puzzles, Fun Facts, Cartoons, Tongue Twisters, and Other Giggles!

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Calling all dino fans! There are a TON of dinosaur jokes, riddles, fun facts, tongue twisters, limericks, cartoons, puzzles and activities inside this 144-page collection. Perfect for ages 6-9, this unique mix of humor, science and puzzles is guaranteed to tickle the funny bone of every joke-obsessed kid who loves learning about dinosaurs.

Kids are enthralled by prehistoric creatures, so we packed as much as we could into this book, starting with a pronunciation guide for 101 types of dinosaurs from Acrocanthosaurus to Zuul. After that, dino enthusiasts can read fascinating facts like how big a newly hatched T-rex might have been (about the size of a cat!), giggle at goofy jokes and tackle dino-mite puzzles. Not to mention the TONS of dinosaur-themed Hidden Pictures scenes, limericks, cartoons, mazes, word finds, matching games, writing and drawing prompts, quizzes and other activities.

Great as a gift for dino lovers or for screen-free entertainment any time, this collection helps kids build important skills all while having fun. Telling jokes is a great way for kids to develop creative expression and social-emotional skills, while puzzling improves focus, visual perception and more skills kids use in school. Like all Highlights products, 501 Dinosaur Joke-tivities is well researched, well constructed and visually appealing, to bring kids age-centric Fun with a Purpose.

Author: Highlights
Publisher: Highlights Press
Published: 04/14/2020
Pages: 144
Binding Type: Paperback
Series: Highlights 501 Joke-Tivities
Weight: 0.90lbs
Size: 9.90h x 7.00w x 0.50d
ISBN: 9781684379231
Audience: Ages 4-8

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