Brain Twisters: Riddles for Kids: Over 200 Brilliant Puzzles by Finnegan, Ivy

Brain Twisters: Riddles for Kids: Over 200 Brilliant Puzzles

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Q: The more you take, the more you leave behind? What are they?
A: Footsteps!

With more than 200 clever, funny, and tricky riddles to solve, this book will give your mental muscles a serious work out!

There are brain teasers, logic puzzles, silly puns, trick questions, and many more. Kids can challenge their friends and relatives or deduce the answers themselves. Solving these riddles is not only fun - it will also expand a child's reasoning and language skills and encourage their love for learning.

Perfect for kids aged 7+.

ABOUT THE SERIES: Brain Twisters are perfect for young readers who want to put their puzzle-solving skills to the test. With logic puzzles, word games and riddles to crack, this series is perfect for kids aged 7+.

Author: Ivy Finnegan
Publisher: Arcturus Editions
Published: 10/11/2022
Pages: 128
Binding Type: Paperback
Series: Brain Twisters
Weight: 0.24lbs
Size: 7.76h x 5.15w x 0.31d
ISBN: 9781398819825
Audience: Ages 9-12

About the Author

Ivy Finnegan is an widely respected writer and editor of non-fiction for children and adults, specialising in puzzle and activity books. She has been compiling puzzles for more than 10 years. She lives in London, England.

Luke Seguin-Magee is an artist of children's books and comics. In the course of his career he has also designed, made graphics, illustrations and animations for computer games, websites and apps for a wide range of clients in Denmark, Canada and USA. He hails from Montreal, Canada, and now resides in Copenhagen and Stockholm. He studied fine art in Canada and multimedia design in Denmark.