Coop Messes Up

Coop Messes Up

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In Coop Messes Up, the youngest member of the Wheelie family learns a big lesson in forgiveness and God’s love when he breaks one of the rules.  

Coop Wheelie is the youngest in his family, and like many little ones, he has a problem obeying the rules—and there are a lot of them! When Coop runs out of gas, his sister, Lucy, tries to help him learn to follow the rules, but finds herself right in the middle of the trouble too. Through Coop’s story, kids will discover that making mistakes can be an important way to learn about forgiveness and the gospel. 

The first in The Wheelies series, written by Sarah Reju and illustrated by Tania Rex, Coop Messes Up will teach children ages 3–8 about God’s unconditional love for us.   

  • Children and parents will learn from Coop that being a Christian is not about keeping all the rules.   
  • Children will become engaged through a fun story about a family of cars and trucks  
  • Uses easy-to-understand, simple concepts to explain gospel truth to young children.