David and the Orphan (True Story About Jesus)

David and the Orphan (True Story About Jesus)

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In 2 Samuel chapter 9 of the Bible, the story of David and Mephibosheth, the orphaned grandson of King Saul, unfolds. David becomes the king of Israel and seeks to show kindness to anyone from Saul’s family for the sake of his close friendship with Saul’s son, Jonathan.

David discovers that Mephibosheth, who is crippled in both feet, is living in a place called Lo-debar. He sends for him and brings him to the palace. When Mephibosheth arrives, he is understandably afraid, expecting judgment or punishment due to his family’s history. However, David reassures him, showing him kindness and telling him not to fear.

David grants Mephibosheth a place at his table, treating him like one of his own sons. He also restores to Mephibosheth all the land and wealth that belonged to his grandfather Saul, ensuring his ongoing care and provision.

This story exemplifies David’s heart of compassion and mercy. Despite the conflict between Saul and David, David seeks to show kindness and honor to Saul’s descendants, fulfilling his promise to Jonathan. David’s actions also demonstrate God’s mercy and grace towards us, as he welcomes us into his family, forgives our past, and provides for our needs.