Gracie's Garden

Gracie's Garden

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When Gracie’s garden isn’t growing fast enough, Nutty the squirrel must step in to teach Gracie all about patience and how growing little by little is often God’s plan.

Little by little, good things grow! 

Come play in the garden with Gracie! Join the garden tea party with her sister Sarah, taste tomatoes right off the vine with her crunchy munchy brother Joshua, and plant seeds! Some seeds, though, don't grow fast enough for Joshua. He wants to munch on tomatoes NOW. What will he do while he waits on those tiny tomato seeds to grow? Step into the garden to find out!
Author and business owner Lara Casey has learned many rich lessons from the garden, including how to celebrate that God grows good things little by little. In her first children's book, she heads back to the tomato vines to share her joy and wisdom with little gardeners. 

Includes a free Garden Giggles poster!