LEGO Star Wars Galaxy Mission

LEGO Star Wars Galaxy Mission

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Encourage children to use their LEGO brick collection and engineering skills to help a lost Rebel Trooper reach the safety of the Hoth in this fun building adventure!

Help a Rebel Trooper build her way back to the planet Hoth in this LEGO Star Wars adventure!

Make a hoverboard to zip through the asteroid field. Escape the jaws of a sarlacc with a treat dispenser. Build a mech suit to make it through the bogs of Dagobah and much more as you help stranded Rebel Trooper Kori Zaran build her way back to the safety of the Rebel base on Hoth.

It will take some quick thinking and creative LEGO building skills to get Zaran through space and across the different planets in
the Star Wars galaxy. Get ready to grab your LEGO collection and build your way through this adventure. Including a LEGO minifigure, accessories, and plenty of building tips and inspirational photos, build yourself an adventure as you save the day.

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