Mrs. Peanuckle's Organic Farm Alphabet

Mrs. Peanuckle's Organic Farm Alphabet

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Learn the ABC's of organic farming! Mrs. Peanuckle's alphabet books engage toddlers with interesting and informative words, graphic art, and sturdy pages.

From A to Z, Mrs. Peanuckle introduces toddlers to words about organic farm life! These simple nature and farm words are sure to be a hit with curious young environmentalists, and parents and teachers who want to encourage learning about the benefits of organic farming! 

Collect all of Mrs. Peanuckle's Alphabet books, including Fruit, Vegetable, Bug, Flower, Bird, Tree, Hiking, Kitchen, Ocean, and Earth!

Series Overview:

  • Vegetable: Fall 2017
  • Fruit: Fall 2017
  • Flower: Spring 2018
  • Tree: Spring 2018
  • Bug: Summer 2018
  • Bird: Summer 2018
  • Hiking: Summer 2021
  • Kitchen: Summer 2022
  • Earth: Spring 2023
  • Ocean: Summer 2023
  • Organic Farm: Summer 2024
  • Untitled Mrs. Peanuckle's Board #12: Spring 2025