My First Book of Cats

My First Book of Cats

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Jump into the amazing lives of cats—for kids ages 3 to 5

Humans and pet cats have lived together for more than 10,000 years! Discover everything that makes cats such special—and adorable—companions with this cat book for kids. Inside, curious little cat lovers will learn about dozens of cat breeds with tons of trivia and photos to celebrate our furry friends!

Which cat is that?—Find beautiful pictures of all the most popular house cats, from the athletic Abyssinian to the ultra-fluffy Norwegian forest cat.

Life as a cat—Help kids explore the fascinating history of cats, their unique personalities, their super strong senses, and so much more!

Cool cat facts—Did you know that cats walk on their tiptoes? Or that kittens are always born with blue eyes?

Introduce kids to the world's most popular pet with this book of cats that's ideal for early readers.