The Deep!: Wild Life at the Ocean's Darkest Depths by Leigh, Lindsey

The Deep!: Wild Life at the Ocean's Darkest Depths

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Plunge beneath the waves to find an alien world of bizarre creatures who explain for themselves how they've adapted to life in the deep dark sea.

Did you know that there are animals that are completely transparent? That some tube worms live for 1,000 years? That the Pigbutt Worm is also known as the "Flying Buttocks"? Or that there is a type of sea cucumber that is nicknamed "the headless chicken monster?" These are just some of the scientific facts, presented comics-style, that kids will pore over again and again.
The Deep! is a rollicking survey of animals that live in the deepest part of the ocean created in an exciting graphic nonfiction format. The first-person commentary by the animals themselves cover a wealth of facts from the surface of the ocean to the darkest trenches. And the beautiful full-color illustrations bring them to life.
From animal adaptations like bioluminescence and giant flashlight eyes to the habits and habitats of the Pram Bug and Dumbo Octopus, The Deep! will keep readers fully engaged with life at the bottom of the sea.

Author: Lindsey Leigh
Publisher: Penguin Workshop
Published: 06/27/2023
Pages: 96
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 1.20lbs
Size: 10.10h x 8.10w x 0.60d
ISBN: 9780593521687
Audience: Ages 9-12

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Kirkus Reviews 04/15/2023

About the Author
Lindsey Leigh grew up in the Washington, D.C. area, fascinated by the Smithsonian Museums and the Baltimore Aquarium. Her passion for communicating scientific ideas eventually led her to join the Guild of Natural Scientific Illustrators. She has since completed a Scientific Illustration internship with the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and has created educational comics for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Georgia Tech, and the magazine BBC Focus. When she is not drawing, she enjoys taking long walks in the local cemetery.