The Prophecy and the Hope by Machowski, Marty

The Prophecy and the Hope

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Oxen brothers Otto and Oscar stand trapped and terrified between the Red Sea and Pharaoh's approaching army along with all of Israel. Yes, God has brought them this far out of the misery of Egypt, but escape now seems impossible! When Moses shouts, "Fear not. Stand firm, and see the salvation of the Lord," everyone gasps as the cloud of the Lord billows up and blocks the enemy from advancing. Then the wind begins to blow. Will the oxen and the rest of Israel be able to outrun the enemy?

The Prophecy and the Hope by bestselling author Marty Machowski follows the adventures of the animals who could have witnessed the events of the Old Testament, from the Exodus onward. Join oxen at the Red Sea, mountain goats at Mount Sinai, Rahab's pets in Jericho, horses watching as David faced Goliath, the Queen of Sheba's camels, ravens with Elijah, and mice in Isaiah's house.

Author: Marty Machowski
Publisher: New Growth Press
Published: 09/30/2024
Pages: 144
Binding Type: Paperback
Series: Redemption Tales
ISBN: 9781645074748
Audience: Ages 9-12